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Email marketing is not dying anytime soon.

The people that have predicted that email is going to die have been proven Social Media Marketing Guide wrong in the past multiple times. Don’t believe me? Go to any search engine, type “email is dead,” and search. You’ll see that people have written multiple articles predicting that email marketing is going to die by a certain year.

Yet, people still use email. People still have the “Sign up for my newsletter” form on their websites. They still use it to sell their products and services, and it’s never been any less effective.

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People that preach “email marketing is dead” are those who rely solely on social media and other platforms to grow their business, which is not the best choice. But that’s not what this article is about.

This article is about demystifying the whole concept of email marketing.

If you go to any email marketing group on social media or email marketing forums, there’s a lot of information you can read about email marketing. But it has gotten to the point where there’s too much information where it makes the concept of email marketing so complicated.

You’ll see that there are people worried about the smallest things like:

How to come up with the best subject lines.

How to increase open rates.

How to increase email deliverability.

How often you should send emails.

How many days you should space out each email in your autoresponder.

This article is going to dispel all the complications and teach you what email marketing is in its simplest form.

To put it simply, email marketing is a tool to build relationships with your subscribers, and to sell your products and services. Those are the only two things you should focus on when you’re emailing your subscribers, none of the other minor things (even if you can argue that some of the minor things are important).

So how do you build relationships and sell?

To get that answer, first you need to understand the purpose of emails. Emails are used for one-on-one personal conversations. In other words, emails are not used for constantly mass sending blatant sales pitches similar to how big businesses do their email marketing.

You want to do the following:

Write your emails as if you’re writing to one friend. Although your readers will know they’re reading an email that’s been sent to hundreds of other people on your email list, they’ll still get that intimate, personal feeling.

Write emails that’ll add value to their daily lives. I’m not just talking about educating them, but write them in a way that’s fun to read. Entertain them as well. People value entertainment.

Sell something in every single email you send out. It could be a product, service, free content, video training, audio training, even an idea or opinion. You might think it’s pushy to sell something every time, but it’s only pushy if you write your emails that sounds like a pure sales pitch, which you should never do. Plus you’re training your readers to get used to you selling them to the point where they might even look forward to you selling them your products.

And finally, write to your readers regularly. Businesses that email their readers once or twice per month are doing themselves a huge disservice. The less you email your readers, the more likely they’ll forget about you. Especially if they get hundreds of other emails everyday, your readers can forget you very quickly. So I suggest you email at least once a week. Better yet, push your limit and email them once a day. When they see your name that often in their inboxes, you’re always going to be in the front of their minds. Then when the time comes that they need to buy a type of product or service that you sell, they will come to you.

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